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For starters, this is my first-ever critique, so I'm not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing. But, I want to offer more serious f...


Tomorrow at 6PM EDT, the Smash Bros. Direct devoted to the Wii U version will be aired, and frankly, of the 50 things they are hyping, I doubt we'll learn a whole lot.

Characters aren't gonna be one of them... unless you wanna see the Duck Hunt Dog trailer be #1 or #50 on that list.
Now that I got something I've wanted to post for days out of the way, I might as well talk about deviantART's updated graphics.

They are alright.  A little more complicated, but I'll get used to it, since this site changes its appearance almost every year around this time.  However, since I cannot read Notes or reply to comments on my 3DS (which is what I want to do), as deviantART has yet to make a portable-friendly version for my gaming console, I could care less about the current interface.
(...and Give Up on Anime Altogether)

I am done with anime.  For real.


Well... I don't go out of my way to watching new stuff, largely because I suffer from anxiety problems just waiting for the following episode.  All that stress is very bad for my health, so for those reasons, that's why.

However, quality & content played another factor.  I limit myself to a few shows a year, and by and large, the quality sucks.

For starters, I think it's safe to say that mecha anime will never be taken seriously again.  Some shows I watched included Valvrave the Liberator (asshole heroes who are space vampires), Buddy Complex (annoying amnesia storylines, lazy usage of timetravel, and a 90-year old yandere who is one of Takehiro Sakurai's more forgettable roles), and Captain Earth (blatant fanserivce, and the show took a leisurely stroll throughout the series had an ultra-rushed ending).  All of them I do not recommend watching unless you are bored or, in the case of Buddy Complex, you hate yourself.

But, I've only glanced at the story as to why I only got back to watching Japanese animation a few years ago, and the key part was "Why I Stopped Watching".  It's pretty stupid, but the reason was Gundam SEED, which bothered the heck out of me.  Today, I am more forgiving of the show, considering Gundam is the only mecha series I trust and truly like (Evangelion is getting up there, but mostly for the artz).

Unfortunately, I hate to say that one of the masterminds who worked on SEED, Mitsuo Fukada, succeeded in killing my interest in anime once and for all.  Again.

With the Buddy Complex franchise put out of its misery, Sunrise has presented a brand-new anime series in their line of "Non Gundam Mecha" shows called Cross Ange, which is about mecha units battling dragons.  Considering the preview, you'd expect it to be a straightforward show where girls in bikinis pilot machines and fight transdimensional dragons and if it limited itself to that, it'd be okay.  Not that I cared, since I was already burned out and lost hope.

Well... (and for the record, I've only READ about it) it's not that.  It's much, much worse.  Considering Fukada, I'm not surprised.  Granted, he was the executive, and what happens should have the producers and writers get blame, but in the anime circle, you aren't exactly sure who wrote what, as opposed to Western animation, where the writers' credits are at the beginning.

The main "heroine" is a complete asshole, there aren't any likable characters, the show is liberal with pornography, and the asshole main character has already been violated twice, but because she's an asshole, it's somehow okay (being sarcastic).  Now, defenders of the show argue that what happened was vague and nothing is concrete, but come on!

Cross Agne is nothing but misogynistic torture hentai.

And with that, I am officially done with watching any new anime ever again.  For real.
In case you haven't realized, I haven't drawn a lot lately.  This is going to end soon because I have confidence (but not time) back, but I thought I'd make a comment about it.

Admittingly, I remember a long time ago where I made a comment about "getting serious" with my drawings, with the hopes being that if I worked hard, any ideas I would have would eventually arise and spring forth a wonderful final product.  Not an impossible goal, but I should've kept it reasonable.

It's been over four years, and while the workload increased, I didn't exactly meet the potential 2009-2010 me was hoping for.  However, I am a better artist because I know my mistakes and worked hard on fixing them, but I'm still a rudamentary guy who keeps things basic largely due to a problem with not adapting.  This isn't a problem with a lot of people, but by and large, if you want to be able to capitalize the most on what you create, you want to look "impressive", not "okay".

But, I also believe I have been chasing an impossible goal, and when I fail, I just beat myself up.  I know I will continue to improve, but I also have to realize I have limitations that I just cannot conquer.  These aren't artistic limitations, but limitations in creativity, problems with procrastination, and all around just not being able to grasp my situation.

This isn't making excuses; this is me admitting that I personally have made excuses.  But, in the past four years, I've also been though a lot, and I can't just spend every single waking moment of my day worrying about how I'm gonna work on something I may post on my page.

So, I've decided that I should not be on what may end up as a fruitless endeavor.  I just want to be happy, and happiness comes from the satisfaction of knowing that my works will make somebody's day.  I doubt I'll ever be a spotlight artist, but I don't want to be that, anyway.  I'm happy where I'm at, with all my friends and followers, and my new goal is simply to make sure that I produce the best visualization of the ideas I have as I possibly can.  And... who knows?  I may learn a few tricks.  Just because I am happy with myself doesn't mean I won't stop trying to get better.
Subdued for Science! by JDogindy
Subdued for Science!
Wow... a colored work?  It's been a while since I posted anything like this.  Largely because I am so rusty, and I'm also debating how I should do my linearts... digitally, or ink-based.

God, I have a few unfinished works I doubt I'll ever get around to, and they were just from last month.

However, I'm pretty happy with this considering I wanted to do my best in getting back to some kind of state.  It's not perfect, but I think the content will be what makes most people happy around these parts.
Tomorrow at 6PM EDT, the Smash Bros. Direct devoted to the Wii U version will be aired, and frankly, of the 50 things they are hyping, I doubt we'll learn a whole lot.

Characters aren't gonna be one of them... unless you wanna see the Duck Hunt Dog trailer be #1 or #50 on that list.


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